foster carers

Fostering is a way to make a wonderful difference in someone’s young life, by providing a stable home where they can feel safe and cared for. Children and young people may need fostering for a complex variety of reasons, including poor health, family breakdown or situations where they may be at risk. Whatever the reasons, the rewards of helping such children to reach their full potential in life are enormous.

Foster Care Connect mainly supports children and young people aged 12 and under with complex needs, who are sometimes referred to as difficult to place. We recognise that children placed with our carers can be extremely challenging, and take great care to ensure you are fully supported at all times.

We work very closely with local authorities to make sure children and foster carers benefit from the full range of available services. We also offer exceptional personalised support, including 24-hour access, regular visits from an experienced social worker, and continuing training to help you develop your professional skills.

We appreciate that foster carers are very special people, and fostering is no ordinary career. Have you got what it takes? Find out more.