Interested in Fostering?

Being a foster carer calls for a special mix of practical and personal skills, and the motivation to help a young person make the best of their potential in life.

You will need a spare bedroom, childcare experience, resilience, patience and good humour. You also need to be a great listener and have the time and commitment to give to the children in your care.

Apart from that, you don’t need formal qualifications, and our foster carers come from many different walks of life. There is no maximum age limit, and you can apply regardless of your marital status, sexuality or residential status. You will go through a detailed application process to make sure you’re the right fit for Foster Care Connect, and that we can work happily together to give the children the highest quality of care.

Fostering with Foster Care Connect is financially rewarding, and we offer excellent conditions, including up to five weeks of respite/holiday time‚ a year. Because we are a small agency, we can offer highly personalised professional support to all our foster carers and children.

Find out what’s special about fostering with Foster Care Connect.