Helping to improve outcomes for children and young people

As part of our efforts to help create positive outcomes for children and young people, Foster Care Connect have been taking to the road during recent months.  We have been working with schools and colleges to help support all staff to understand the needs of children and young people who have experienced trauma and loss. The sessions help to identify ways to support their learning and improve their educational outcomes. Lisa Angus, Learning and Development Coordinator, recently shared this message with new teaching staff at Borders College.  The article below was shared in their College newsletter:


PDA: Teaching Practice in Scotland’s Colleges 

On 19 September the new PDA class for this session enjoyed a very interesting and informative presentation from Lisa Angus, Learning and Development Coordinator at Foster Care Connect. 

Lisa explained how many young people placed in Foster Care will have experienced trauma and loss and how this can impact on their learning.  It was highlighted during the presentation, the importance of adopting a nurturing, gently challenging environment that demonstrates compassion.  This helps the learner to feel secure and this in turns greatly assists their learning. 

Lisa provided some excellent examples of teaching strategies to support learners who are care experienced.  For further information on Foster Care Connect, please contact Lisa by email: ku.oc.tcennoccfnull@asil.


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